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Andy's Orchard is a small fruit grower committed to growing and marketing fruits of superior quality. Heirloom fruits are still found at some fruit stands, farmers' markets and specialty markets. These venerated fruits from the past have distinctive, old-fashioned flavors but are rapidly disappearing from many markets and have become increasingly harder to find elsewhere. Such is the case with the 'Blenheim' apricot, the quintessential apricot with its rich, aromatic flavor but delicate texture. It is being replaced by very firm, mass-produced fruit with visual appeal but often without much flavor. Other old favorites that we continue to grow are 'Santa Rosa' plums and 'Elberta' peaches.

*(H) next to the fruit variety indicates it is an Heirloom

AFGHANISTAN (H) July 8 - 16

The so-called Afghanistan apricot is actually from Iran. The fruit is large, pure white, with only an occasional pink blush.  Luscious white flesh when at its best. Renowned chef, David Kinch from Manresa Restaurant says “It’s like eating a cloud.”


A strain of Hemskirke that originated in Alameda County and once propagated by Leonard Coates Nursery in Morgan Hill.  Rare and choice. Similar size and rich flavor of the old Moorpark variety. A local favorite and that is synonymous with ‘Moorpark’ and sold as “Moorpark.”


Blenheim is an old apricot variety made famous by fruit growers in the Santa Clara Valley where it grows nearly to perfection. It's an old heirloom, so venerated that the Slow Food Organization has placed the iconic Blenheim variety on its list of endangered commercial fruit varieties. This quintessential apricot is a little finicky to grow but has all the classic apricot qualities: rich, aromatic flavor and juicy texture. It’s excellent for eating fresh, dried, frozen or canned. A universal favorite.

BONNY ROYAL July 5 - 10

Bonny Royal was first evaluated by George Bonacich, an apricot grower in Patterson. California. It is thought to have Blenheim in its parentage. Fruit is deep orange in color, juicy and very rich. One of the very best tasting apricots. Tough skin but juicy flesh. Excellent of pies and jams. Cosmetically challenged some years, but its flavor is outstanding.

CANADA WHITE July 7 - 15

Presumed to be an induced mutation of Blenheim, but it doesn’t resemble its parent at all. White to cream-colored with juicy, sugary flesh. Pale yellow, smooth skin. Very flavorful. Sweet kernel. 


Anya is a selection of the trademarked “Candycot” series introduced by John Driver of Waterford, California from apricot strains originating in central Asia. Very small but packed with flavor. Among the very best tasting types of apricots.

Yuliya is a selection from the trademarked “Candycot” series developed by John Driver from strains originating in central Asia.  A bit larger than its companion variety “Anya”, the Yuliya also has a great flavor that is similar to “Anya,” maybe even a bit richer. An excellent-tasting apricot.

GOLDEN SWEET July 5 - 10

Ripens just slightly after Blenheim. At its best when fully ripe, it’s almost equal to Blenheim in eating quality. Like Blenheim, it retains some tartness even when fully ripe. A new variety that's becoming more popular. Often beautifully blushed.  Attractive and good-tasting.

MOORPARK (H) July 8 - 16

A very old variety originating in England. A large heirloom apricot with a luscious plum-like flavor. It often ripens unevenly with one side having a greenish cast and sometimes a speckled and etched skin. Not cosmetically perfect but the standard of flavor for apricots. Alameda-Hemskirke is a very similar variety and often sold as ‘Moorpark.’

NICOLE June 15 - 20

‘Nicole’ apricot is a recent introduction from USDA plant breeder Craig Ledbetter.  It is thought to have some “Blenheim” in its parentage. The ‘Nicole’ is nearly equal to ‘Blenheim’ in flavor but ripens a month earlier, usually with most cherry varieties. It has an excellent sugar/acid balance and is great eaten fresh or made into preserves.  An outstanding newer apricot variety.