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Andy's Orchard is a small fruit grower committed to growing and marketing fruits of superior quality. Heirloom fruits are still found at some fruit stands, farmers' markets and specialty markets. These venerated fruits from the past have distinctive, old-fashioned flavors but are rapidly disappearing from many markets and have become increasingly harder to find elsewhere. Such is the case with the 'Blenheim' apricot, the quintessential apricot with its rich, aromatic flavor but delicate texture. It is being replaced by very firm, mass-produced fruit with visual appeal but often without much flavor. Other old favorites that we continue to grow are 'Santa Rosa' plums and 'Elberta' peaches.

*(H) next to the fruit variety indicates it is an Heirloom

BELLE MAGNIFQUE (H) June 10 - 15 (Hybrid)

Considered to be a “duke” cherry or a sweet/tart cherry hybrid, ‘Belle Magnifque’s skin is pinkish red to yellow in color.  Flesh is tender with colorless juice. Excellent for processing with a strong acidic flavor. Appears to be a cross between the Mazzard and Morello-type cherries.

BING (H) May 25 - June 15

Bing sets the standard for dark sweet cherry varieties and is the primary variety grown in the Santa Clara Valley. It is the classic black bigarreau-type or the type having a firm, crisp texture. Bing is justly famous for its rich, complex flavor, suggesting that of almonds, black (morello) cherry, berry, prune and mochaWhile this variety is widely grown throughout California, few districts can claim that their Bings are equal in quality to those grown in the Santa Clara Valley.


Parent of Bing and an excellent cherry in its own right. Rich, sweet complex flavor of prune, mocha with a slightly bitter (noyau) flavor. Makes rich conserves, excellent brandied, or in Cherries Jubilee. Small to medium size. It’s the chef’s choice for recipes where the “black cherry flavor” is featured. Crisp but juicy texture.


Black Tartarian is often nicknamed “Tart” but is far from being a tart or sour cherry, a completely different species of cherry, which when mixed with lots of sugar is used for pie filling. The word Tartarian actually refers to an ethnic group, the Tartars, who long ago settled in the Crimea (now part of the Ukraine) where the variety originated. The Black Tartarian is a soft, juicy sweet cherry called a heart or gean, it was a favorite of Catherine the Great of Russia. The rich, berry-like flavor is outstanding for preserves, and the ‘Black Tartarian’ does in fact make a mouth-watering sweet cherry pie.

BROOKS May 20 - June 10

Brooks is a new variety that’s fast becoming a favorite with our customers. The fruit is very crisp and sweet. Its flavor can be described as lower in acid than Bing with generally higher sugar levels, much like its parent, the Rainier. The fruit is often very large as well, making it one of the most asked for varieties at our farm stand.

LAPINS June 10 - 20

A very large, very late sweet cherry, ripening about one week after Bing. The fruit has a very lively bright mahogany color, excellent flavor and firm, but juicy texture.  Unique, refreshing flavor.

RAINIER June 5 - 15

Rainier is a light-colored, beautifully blushed cherry with truly outstanding dessert quality. Its parents are Bing and Van. Coming from such aristocratic lines, the Rainier ranks at the top in many categories--large size, crisp texture and high sugar content, certainly much crisper and sweeter than the old standard, Royal Ann, which was used primarily for processing. Use Rainier as a dessert cherry or you may process it as you would Royal Ann.

SKEENA June 15 - 20

Late maturing, self-fertile cherry with crisp, flavorful flesh.  Developed in Canada.