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An interspecific fruit bred by Zaiger Genetics. Both apricot and plum flavors are well represented in a single fruit. Good flavor balance: sweet but with plenty of tartness and plum flavor.

CRIMSON ROYALE August 5 - 15

Crimson Royale from Zaiger Genetics is a fine example of a pluot. It’s plummy, but the apricot parentage is also well represented. Crimson with orange flesh. Loads of juice. When fully ripe, it’s sweet with an outstanding, complex flavor.

EBONY ROSE July 15 - 25

Ebony Rose is a relatively new pluot with dark skin and a deep maroon flesh. Sweet and complex flavor that is spectacularly good. One of the best new pluots.

EMERALD GEM July 20 - August 5

A newer pluot similar to Flavor Queen with a little more balanced flavor. Chartreuse to golden in color. Sweet with complementary acidity. An excellent light-fleshed pluot from Zaiger Genetics. Outstanding when ripened to a golden hue.

FLAVOR GRENADE August 5 - 20

A very large, very irregular in shape but mostly oblong, shaped somewhat like a kiwifruit. Often cosmetically challenged, its surface usually lined with tiny rills with an occasional deeper crack or crevice. Even the color is something less than attractive: greenish, eventually turning chartreuse, with some purple mottling and dull reddish splotches. However, we grow this one for its outstanding flavor and texture, not its looks. Very sweet with good acidity levels, crisp and juicy texture. When allowed to hang on the tree a few extra weeks it develops into a luscious fruit candy. Makes a great sun-dried fruit.

FLAVOR KING July 20 - August 5

Flavor King is one of the most flavorful pluots. Considered by many to be the quintessential pluot and indeed, one of the best of all fruits. It’s been described as having the flavor of the Santa Rosa plum but much richer - and it does not have a tart skin. Others will compare the taste to a very intense watermelon flavor. The flesh is an amber-maroon color and very juicy. It’s the key subject in author Chip Brantley’s book, The Perfect Fruit. It can be harvested a bit early and ripened off the tree. Makes an excellent sorbet.

HONEY PUNCH August  5 - 15

An excellent introduction from Zaiger Genetics. A very late-ripening, dark pluot, medium-sized fruit with red-streaked amber flesh of outstanding flavor and texture.  One of the best late pluots.