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Andy's Orchard is a small fruit grower committed to growing and marketing fruits of superior quality. Heirloom fruits are still found at some fruit stands, farmers' markets and specialty markets. These venerated fruits from the past have distinctive, old-fashioned flavors but are rapidly disappearing from many markets and have become increasingly harder to find elsewhere. Such is the case with the 'Blenheim' apricot, the quintessential apricot with its rich, aromatic flavor but delicate texture. It is being replaced by very firm, mass-produced fruit with visual appeal but often without much flavor. Other old favorites that we continue to grow are 'Santa Rosa' plums and 'Elberta' peaches

*(H) next to the fruit variety indicates it is an Heirloom

AUTUMN JADE November 15 - December 15

Autumn Jade was developed by fruit breeder and UC researcher Jim Doyle.  It has olive-green skin and apricot-colored flesh early in the harvest season but can often hold on until Christmas when it develops a beautiful golden hue and outstanding flavor, providing us with a luscious taste of summer for the holidays.

BUBBLE GUM TM (H) July 30 - August 5

Toka called (Bubblegum plum because for some its sweet flavor resembles bubblegum).  An old hybrid variety developed in the eastern US.  Small, shaped like a gage plum but with reddish purple skin.  Golden flesh that’s aromatic and flavorful.   Juicy when ripe.

BURGUNDY (H) July 20 - 30

Burgundy is a choice “blood” plum with deep burgundy-colored flesh that’s firm, crisp and sweet. Some are reminded of a huge ripe Bing cherry after trying this crisp but juicy dessert plum.   Many also like it canned or made into preserves

DELICIOSO August 10 - 15

A previously unnamed plum or maybe a pluot, this is one of the finest flavored of the plums developed by Zaiger Genetics.  Large with irregular shapes, sometimes heart-shaped, sometimes oblong.  Bright amber-red skin and beautiful pink-orange flesh that has complex flavor with hints of watermelon, apricot and tropical flavors.

ELEPHANT HEART (H) August 5 - 20

This is another of the “blood” plums--plums that have deep red flesh and red juice. Its unappetizing name notwithstanding, this fruit is actually one of the best and most flavorful of the old heirloom blood plums. The skin is sometimes a little tart which contrasts well with the rich, sweet flavor of the interior.   It’s at its best when it’s allowed to ripen on the counter after picking.

EMERALD BEAUT August 20 - September 15

A very late-maturing plum. This large plum is amber-green turning a rich golden color. High sugar content but also with a strong core of acidity. Excellent flavor balance. When it’s well-ripened, it’s loaded with juice, crisp and bursting with flavor. Simply one of the very best dessert plums

GOLDEN NECTAR August 10 - 20

A very large golden plum. Oblong fruit with a pronounced tip like a lemon. Golden yellow color throughout with squirting juice and succulent, very aromatic flesh. At its best when soft ripe. Several layers of flavor, with melon and honey predominating along with other subtle, more delicate flavors. A distinctive aroma that some perceive as gardenias, and still others compare to rose petals and honey. Unsurpassed quality for dessert.  It will continue to ripen after it has been harvested, eventually becoming a virtual receptacle of honey-like nectar. 

INCA (H) August 10 - 25

This old Burbank selection is an heirloom plum. An oval fruit tapering toward the tip, the shape being similar to ‘Golden Nectar’. When ripe, this golden plum also has magenta specks and a magenta blush around the stem end. A singularly beautiful plum but scuffs and bruises easily. Rich, dense, crisp, apricot-colored flesh.

LARODA (H) July 20 - August 5

Laroda is purple on the outside and amber streaked with red on the inside. It has long been considered one of the best flavored Asian plums with sweetness and a spritely complement of acidity.  When perfectly ripe, It makes great jams and jellies.


A red-fleshed blood plum similar to Satsuma and often called “Improved Satsuma”.  Crisp but juicy when perfectly ripened.  Often has more flavor than “Satsuma”.

OCTOBER SUN September 25 - October 10

A very, very late plum that’s well worth the wait. Medium-sized yellow plum with red blush. Very high sugar content, excellent flavor. Incredibly sweet after a long, sunny summer.  A very good late season plum.

PADRE (H) July 20 - August 5

The Padre plum was developed by the USDA and first grown at Stanford University. It is a beautiful, pure golden orb with excellent dessert quality. The skin can be pleasingly tart, thus balancing the sweet flavor of the sugary, dense but juicy interior. One of our highest quality plums.

SANTA ROSA (H) July 5 - 20

This is the Asian plum introduced by Luther Burbank with the famous “Santa Rosa” flavor—both tart at the skin and at the stone, but the flesh in between is pure succulence with a sweet, classic “plummy” flavor that is often called the “Santa Rosa flavor.”

SIERRA (H) July 10 - 15

An heirloom plum that’s a cross between Inca and Santa Rosa.  Tender and juicy. Small but very sweet, tasting almost as a sweet as a French d’Agen Plum.