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HEIRLOOM FRUITS - (H) next to the fruit variety indicates it is an Heirloom 

Andy's Orchard is a small fruit grower committed to growing and marketing fruits of superior quality. Heirloom fruits are still found at some fruit stands, farmers' markets and specialty markets. These venerated fruits from the past have distinctive, old-fashioned flavors but are rapidly disappearing from many markets and have become increasingly harder to find elsewhere. Such is the case with the 'Blenheim' apricot, the quintessential apricot with its rich, aromatic flavor but delicate texture. It is being replaced by very firm, mass-produced fruit with visual appeal but often without much flavor. Other old favorites that we continue to grow are 'Santa Rosa' plums and 'Elberta' peaches.

ANGELUS July 30 - August 10

A very large, beautiful golden peach that’s similar to the old Elberta but with some improvements. Elbertas often have a smack of astringency and bruise quite easily.  Angelus has great flavor with less astringency than Elberta, and Angelus can be tree-ripened with minimal bruising. It’s a very versatile variety that can be canned, frozen, dried or eaten fresh. Freestone.

AUGUST FLAME August 15 - 30

This is a new hybrid peach with excellent flavor. Speckled, blushed and streaked with red. Very smooth, almost fuzzless skin. Yellow freestone flesh is firm but melting with a rich peachy flavor. Maintains good acidity even when tree-ripened. Fine for fresh eating, canning and freezing. One of several excellent late season peaches, often ripening in late August to early September Freestone.

BABY CRAWFORD (H) July 25 - August 10

We named this variety ourselves, and we were the first to grow it for the fresh market. In flavor, it is reminiscent of the old heirloom peach variety, the Crawford peach. The Crawford variety was known for its juicy texture and classically rich peach flavor. Our Baby Crawford is even more intense in flavor than its namesake---a true poster child for fine fruit. These “babies” are a little small in size with golden orange flesh and only a slight blush, but we believe it’s the most flavorful of all yellow freestones. Our customers seem to agree. It’s the hands down winner at many of our fruit tastings.  The flavor is rich, sweet with just enough acid. Freestone.

CAL RED August 20 - 30

Cal Red is a late ripening yellow freestone peach developed by the University of California Davis.  It is a fine-flavored late peach of high quality.  Juicy with a well-balanced, rich flavor.

DIXON CLING (H) July 25 - August 20

Dixon Cling is considered one of the most flavorful clingstone peaches and is often purchased by our customers who simply like eating it fresh out-of-hand. It has the firm cling-type texture but is also very juicy. Skin is slightly blushed red, and there’s a little red around the stone; it is also an excellent canner.

GALAXY July 10 - 20

Galaxy is a white donut peach of excellent quality.  Developed by the USDA.  Large to very large flat or donut-type peach with juicy, white flesh.  Skin often has extensive red blush.  Flesh is creamy white, aromatic with honey-like sweetness.  One of the very finest white peaches we grow.

GOLD DUST (H) July 1 - 10

Gold Dust is a high quality early peach, a yellow-fleshed freestone with crimson-blushed golden skin.  Small to medium size and a pronounced “beak”.  Superb, old-fashioned peach flavor.   

HENRY II August 1 - 10

A new yellow market peach developed by Burchell Nursery.  Ripens about the same time as O’Henry but it’s a clingstone, has better shape, texture and eating quality than O’Henry.  Excellent flavor in its time slot. 

ITALIAN ICE July 15 - 31

The so-called Italian Ice peaches are sometimes called ghiaccio, which means ice in Italian. Ours also include Korean examples of these pure white clingstone peaches.  Very firm, almost crisp, but juicy, amazingly sweet flesh.  All white inside and out.

JULY FLAME July 15 - 25

A Burchell Nursery introduction.  A new generation yellow peach.  Large and firm but with a juicy texture.  Excellent flavor.

JUNE PRIDE July 5 - 25

June Pride peach is a creation of Zaiger Genetics.  It is still one of the very best tasting peaches from the family’s plant breeding business.  Ripens in June in the Central Valley, but reaches perfection in our coastal valley in mid-July.  Juicy and intensely flavored.

KAWEAH August 10 - 20

Pronounced KA-WEE-AH, a Native American name for a river near Sequoia National Park where the Kaweah Native American tribe once lived.  A late yellow freestone maturing along with or slightly after O’Henry.  It’s a smallish fruit with high coloration and high flavor.  Its rich flavor and juicy texture make ‘Kaweah’ a favorite of our customers when in season.

KIT DONNELL July 20 - August 5

An excellent mid-season yellow freestone.  Large, usually with a little blush.  Developed by the Hybridizers’ Group of California Fare Fruit Growers.  Named in honor of Kit Donnell, former chair of the CRFG’s Santa Clara Valley Chapter.  The variety probably has Baby Crawford as a parent.  Excellent heirloom-like flavor and texture.   Great for pies. Freestone.

LORING July 15 - 31

Ripening just before Suncrest, Loring possesses many of Suncrest’s attributes; a delicious golden yellow freestone that’s very juicy and can be eaten fresh, canned or made into pies and cobblers. Freestone

PINK HALO August 1 - 10

Developed by Burchell Nursery.  A large donut-type peach ripening after Galaxy.  The sweet, aromatic flesh is often tinged pink. Excellent fresh eating quality.

REDTOP July 10 - 25

Beautiful and large, yellow freestone with an attractive red blush often with many sugar specks. It ripens early and is the first of the fine yellow peaches we recommend for canning and freezing.  Freestone

RICH LADY July 15 - 25

Rich Lady is another early yellow peach.  It’s semi-clingstone with highly colored skin and flesh. It has firm but juicy texture and rich flavor. Semi-clingstone

RIO OSO GEM (H) August 10 - 20

This is a very old variety and a peach with character: Not cosmetically perfect with raised sutures and an occasional huge, bulging wart, but many older folks remember and love this old favorite, warts and all. It was the first of the “Gem-type” peaches recognized to possess firm, non-browning flesh suitable for freezing.  It also has what has been termed a distinctive “orange” flavor.  An old favorite among many peach lovers. Limited quantities. Freestone

SANTA BARBARA July 15 - 25

The Santa Barbara peach is an old-style, Elberta-type peach with a melting texture and juicy, tasty, aromatic flesh.   Much better flavor and overall quality than the old Elberta variety.  Fresh or canned.

SIERRA BLANCA August 1 - 15

A high quality white freestone peach with excellent flavor balance of sweetness and acidity. One of the best late white peaches, ripening just after Silver Logan and similar in quality.

SILVER LOGAN (H) July 25 - August 5

A superb white peach that often grows to enormous size.  A real stunner: A beautiful creamy white skin blushed crimson, and it’s as good to eat as it is to look at. It has a melting texture and a luscious, well-balanced flavor with an almost intoxicating honey-like aroma. Probably the finest white peach we grow and a longtime favorite at our fruit store.

SUMMER LADY July 20  - August 5

Summer Lady peach is a highly-colored yellow freestone peach of excellent quality.  Similar to the famous O’Henry peach but ripens a week to 10 days earlier.

SUMMER FLAME 29 August 5  - August 16

A mid-summer maturing yellow peach from Burchell Nursery. Highly colored with very good texture and flavor. Freestone.

SUMMER SWEET July 20 - 30

‘Summer Sweet’ follows ‘Sugar Lady’ in harvest season . They are both similar in flavor, but ‘Summer Sweet’ may be a little richer in flavor with a little more acidic than milder Sugar Lady. Very sweet flesh that still has a full-bodied flavor.

SUNCREST (H) July 20 - August 5

The ‘Suncrest’ peach was made famous by David (Mas) Matsumoto’s book, Epitaph for a Peach, where he refers to it as the last of the truly juicy peaches. It’s an old-fashioned yellow freestone which has a fine flavor and juicy texture when ripe. It’s very good for all uses. It’s a great canner, but sometimes it is not a perfect freestone until it is fully ripe.

TANGO July 20 - August 5

This is a smallish, golden nimbus—a yellow, round, flat peach with excellent flavor. Its clingstone flesh is rich with abundant syrupy juice.  Despite its unusual shape, it’s terrific eaten fresh and also a great canner.  It has the old-fashioned “clingstone” flavor characteristic of old heirloom cling peaches, sometimes referred to as a “peach pie” flavor. 

TEMPRANO June 20 - July 05

A new peach from Burchell Nursery.  Early, yellow peach with an extensive, dark crimson blush.  The fruit is dense, juicy, sweet and flavorful.  An excellent early peach.

TESORO June 20 - July 05

‘Tesoro’ means treasure in Spanish.  Developed by the CRFG Hybridizers’ Group. An early great-tasting yellow peach, brilliantly colored, similar in texture, flavor and juiciness to the Gold Dust peach, which may be parent.  Beautifully blushed over a golden backdrop with scant fuzz and no pronounced beak.

WINBLO (H) August 1 - 10

An old eastern peach grown in the Carolinas.  An heirloom variety sometimes found at fruit stands in the southeastern US but we’ve found that it does very well in our California climate.   Juicy, melting flesh with excellent flavor.   Old-fashioned peach flavor.  Peach expert Desmond Layne calls it the “perfect peach.”  Freestone

ZEE LADY July 30 - August 10

A new hybrid peach with much red coloration on the skin and around the pit which sometimes splits. Excellent, richly flavored flesh when fully ripe. Many customers call it their favorite tasting peach. Probably too much coloration for canning, but it is a superb freezing peach.